Sometimes I need a sweet spanking to get me in line!

Bad girls need a sweet spanking from time to time to get them back to playing the good girl. I remember the first time I ever got spanked by a was definitely something new! I mean, the last time I ever remembered getting spanked was when I was like 8 years old and got in trouble for sneaking around the house and making my sister and dad think I went missing! Completely an innocent story, too. So it threw me off when suddenly, it was being used as something sexy.. but you know what? I liked it. There was a new thrill to it.. I didn’t know how to even respond to it!

It’d been a sweet spanking just to get me started, he was joking around calling me a bad girl. I’d been teasing him a little too much and wearing my tight short shorts around all summer long.. And he wanted to do something about it. All the sexy videos he’d been watching made him want to try out more roleplaying, and I wanted to see how dirty he’d get! So he started off with a little spanking.. Just grabbing my ass, bending me softly over his lap, and giving me a few smacks. But then, he continued, getting a little rougher with it.. My hair became a mess as he put more strength into it – I was fighting back just a little, wondering if he was trying to make it actually hurt.. and he was. The more I struggled, the more he kept me down and spanked me.

Red cheeks, on my ass and on my face. I didn’t know how to react, or what to even say to him! Should I have been mad? Was I wrong for liking it? My own body betrayed me a little when he started sliding his hands from my ass to my pussy, turning the pain to pleasure and making me melt in his hands.. I wanted more, more of everything. I wanted him to get rougher, to give me a sweet spanking just like he started, and turn it wild and wicked. I loved how rough he got by the end of it.. and that’s when I started realizing that he’d just given me a new little fetish to play with.

Come play with me.