She Use to Be So Sweet And Innocent, But Not For Long!

Once upon a time, there was a sweet and innocent girl, so innocent and pure that not only had she never had sex before, but she had never masturbated either. Everyone in The Kingdom thought she was VERY odd and tried with all their might to corrupt her, but she would not yield. However, all of that changed, when a handsome manipulative Prince moved into the Kingdom and drove the young princess wild, with his games of seduction!!

You see at first, the handsome Prince didn’t pay any attention to the Princess and she didn’t like that very well….not at all actually! But he knew exactly what he was doing, as this Prince travels from Kingdom to Kingdom, corrupting all of the innocent Princesses and he loves it. So anyway, the Princess decided that being ignored was no longer an option and began he efforts to gain his affection, anyway she could get it.

After 3 long dreaded weeks of being teased and denied, she finally confronted this prince about his devilish little games.

She told him how she felt, how she didn’t like to be ignored and teased, how she was becoming more and more frustrated with him and how she was jealous of the attention he gave to the other princesses. Before she would say another word, he placed his hand over her mouth and told her to shut the fuck up. Stunned, she complied like a good girl!

It was then that Prince looked at her in her big beautiful brown eyes and calmly explained to her that the cause of her feelings and crazy emotions, was sexual frustration. He also explained to her that he was there to help her, to help elevate her frustration and to satisfy her in a way she had never been satisfied before. Intrigued, the princess asked him to explain a little more, but the prince actually had one final trick up his sleeve. He bent down, whispered in her ear and said, “I can show you MUCH better than I can tell you!”.

He immediately smiled as he could feel the goose bumps form all over her body and he KNEW at that moment that she was as good as fucked!

She innocently looked up at him and while she didn’t actually say she was willing to find out, she definitely implied it and the prince didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity to fulfill his conquest! With that being said, he began his seduction that would eventually turn into a wild night, which included all of the other princesses from the kingdom, but that will have to wait for another story!

He began to slowly undress her and run his strong hands across her now naked body! Completely relaxed and eager for more, the princess began to open her pedals and let him in. He first explored her virgin pussy with his tongue, then his fingers and finally after he first orgasm.

Then he went for it and just plunged his rock solid cock deep inside of her sopping wet pussy!

He knew that he was going to rock her world and turn her out, but he didn’t quite anticipate the sex kitten that lied within and just how far she’d take her new-found sexual freedom. She is not so Sweet And Innocent anymore! Hmmm, I’d love nothing more, than to have the opportunity to share with you the conclusion of this sexy fairy tale.

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