Things were getting hot and heavy between Mike and I.

We were both naked and making out. His dick was rock hard, and already dripping. Mike was an open minded guy, and I wanted him to experience a hot sensation that I don’t think a man of his seasoning, had ever had. When I was between his legs sucking him off, he requested that I lick his balls. He pulled his legs back farther and farther, opening up a nice little valley that was just south of his cum filled balls.  I decided I was going to give him a good deep Prostate milking.

I sucked his big nutty sack in my mouth while I stroked him sensually. His dick pulsated in my grip.I moved down slowly and lapped at his taint. The more I lapped the lower I went. Snaking my hot little pink tongue, in between his ass cheeks. The sensation was alien to him. He embraced it. As I stroked and suckled at his puckered hole. I began touching his asshole, licking my fingers and touching the rim of his asshole.I started applying pressure to see his reaction. I let the gooey spit gather in my mouth, and let it drip down into his crack. Massaging it into his asshole, pressing my fingers into his tight little asshole, to begin our session.

I placed my mouth back on his cock, and sucked like a mad woman, as I slid a finger into his most private of holes. He tightened and clenched his ass around my milking finger, and I urged him to relax. I found his prostate, and began milking him. Sucking and milking, milking and sucking. The cum began to flood into my mouth..

Looks like Mike Enjoyed his Surprise Prostate Milking after all…

It’s fun to try new things

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