There’s nothing better then getting into the holiday spirit and what better way then surprising santa himself. The mall was packed this year but when Santa decided to go on his break I decided that I was going to give him a little Christmas cheer, he’d been looking rather moody and getting short with the kids leaving some of them feeling neglected by Santa.

Slipping back into the backroom Santa was leaning out the door and smoking “Thats not a very nice habit santa” I chimed to him completely catching him by surprise. Startled Santa jumped and whirled tossing the smoke and looking at him. “What are you doing back here!?” He shouted at me really nervous. I just smile and moved towards him, pushing him into the chair behind him I slipped into his lap. “Giving you a reason to be merry” I purred into his ear.

Santa didn’t seem to mind this answer in fact it once I put his hands right on my tits there was no saying no and he couldn’t prevent the throbbing bulge from poking me. Santa shifted and I wiggled about spreading my legs, I was lucky to have worn a dress and my crotchless stockings that day so it was easy for Santa to slide a meaty digit into of my pussy. Moaning into his ear it only further fueled and encouraged him.

It wasn’t long before Santa slid his pole into of my pussy and let me ride him. I have to say it was the best start to the first week of december i’ve ever had. Riding Santa’s cock and screaming my release. I can’t wait for my next trip to visit Santa!