Sugar Daddy Can’t We Please Go South for the Winter?

I’ve been a very good girl this year I promise! I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me and I’m oh so cold here. Don’t you think I’ve earned a really nice trip down south? PLEEEEEEASE SUGAR DADDY!! I promise you won’t regret it. You can come with me and watch me lounge around in nothing but a bikini all day. Or nothing at all;)

I’ll do something extra fun for you while we’re there! I know you already give me like 5 grand a week but I NEEEED this. Make Mia a happy little girl and take her on a trip. Somewhere hot and sexy. Maybe Miami, maybe somewhere more exotic. I know you can afford it.

If you agree maybe I’ll go down south for you;) Use my sweet mouth to convince you I’m worth it. I know you haven’t forgotten how awesome I make you feel daddy. My sweet lips and sass are the perfect combination. You always tell me so.

Think about all of the new amazing places we could fuck.

All the places I could show you how much I appreciate you. My sweet young pussy is everything you could ever ask for. I’ll let you have me in any and every way. You can even share me if you want. Being used is a small price to pay for a fun vacation with my favorite daddy. I’ll be at your disposal.

My whole body shaved, my pussy wet and waiting, my lips eager to please, my mind open, and my legs;). You can claim every single hole in every single way. All day every day fuck fest. On the beach, on our private boat, in any number of hotel rooms, down on my knees under the table at dinner. Come on sugar daddy think about it! It’s an investment in your pleasure;) I’ll do ANYTHING

Call me if you agree and we’ll start our trip right away!

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