Being a sugar baby Mistress was so rewarding!

Between vacations to Barbados, shopping sprees on 5th Avenue, and spanking my sugar daddy’s ass, life as a sugar baby Mistress was fucking epic! I’ll tell you all about my lavish life on our fetish phone sex call, but for now, here are some tasty details to get you started.

My sugar daddy was more of a pay pig than he’d like to admit, but he gave me such a big allowance and could handle my most brutal torment, so I let him dictate our titles. When we first met I couldn’t believe such a demure man could have gotten so rich. I asked him how it happened, and it turns out, it’s family money. I laughed out loud when he answered because it made perfect sense.

He was polite and hospitable, but he wasn’t quite masculine enough to exude power. And he certainly wasn’t ready to admit what he wanted. He was handsome, though, so I figured I’d give him a shot.

At first, our “dates” were just me quietly enjoying the finer things while he stared at my feet or worked on a new proposal for work. I loved being able to focus on the decadent entrees and admire the stunning landscapes without idle chitchat, yet the sugar baby Mistress inside of me wasn’t satisfied. I needed to use him, and soon I would get my chance!

About a month after I met my sugar daddy he took me on vacation to Barbados.  I ate like a Goddess, drank top-shelf cocktails, and got the most luxurious massage imaginable! My handsome daddy made sure my every desire was attended to on our trip. He even booked the entire spa so I could have privacy during my treatments.

Getting down to business.

I was so excited to get to sleep with him for the first time on our vacation. My sugar daddy was 43 when I met him, and though he wasn’t very masculine in his behavior, he sure looked manly! I’d been looking forward to this part. I’d undressed him with my mind a thousand times and I was ready to be his sugar baby Mistress completely.

After a few drinks and laughs together we headed back to our room. He opened the door for me and  I grabbed him by his collar and pulled him into his room. Kissing him passionately, I put my hand on his shoulder and pressed him to his knees. I stayed standing.

His eyes searched my face, looking for guidance. He was so perfect at that moment. I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for hun to approach. When he went to stand, I gave him a “tsk-tsk” and a wave of my perfectly manicured finger.

My daddy submits.

He bowed his head in apology and crawled over to me. I could see his cock straining in his pants. The khaki material didn’t hide a thing as he crawled towards me. He sat back on his thighs, looking at me expectantly.

He had wronged me in no way, but my pussy screamed for me to strike him. Instead, I leaned down and grabbed his cock. It was thick and hard in my hand. His eyes glossed over in ecstasy as I stroked him through his pants, but I wanted more from him.

Give it to me!

After a few more moments of tender touches, I twisted. He screamed in shock and then started whimpering. I was dripping just from that little bit of pain he’d endured for me, but I wanted him vulnerable. Well, more vulnerable.

With my hand still twisting his dick, I unzipped his pants and yanked them below his ass. Then, I released his cock and pulled everything down to his knees. Looking down at his dripping shaft, I knew what I wanted next.

I motioned to my lap, and I could see the realization hit him. Now he knew what I wanted, too. He positioned himself on my leather skirt, his ass in the air, his dick situated between my legs. With my left hand, I massaged his cock briefly. It twitched and he groaned, wrapping his arms around my calf, and kissing my thigh.

With my right hand, I slowly warmed up his ass, rubbing and squeezing. It was a beautiful sight, so pale and unmarred.

I gave it one final squeeze and then cocked my arm back.

Smack! I laid into him hard with my first strike. He gasped, which drove me wild. I never thought I’d be having some femdom fetish fun with my sugar daddy! Yet here we were. I kept spanking until his ass was blood red, and there was a pool of precum at my feet. He was balls deep in subspace, and it was time to shock him out of it. I mean, I wouldn’t be much of a sugar baby Mistress if I didn’t give him his comeuppance.

I raked my nails across his ass as I used his precum to stroke his cock. It only took three strokes and my daddy was convulsing on my lap. I rubbed his back a little bit as he came down because, after that night, everything would change…

Maybe next time I’ll tell you all about our forced facesitting fantasy!

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