I am a huge fan of fun in the bathroom. There are so many places to play. Fucking me on the counter, or eating me out is good too! Then the tub and shower have so many options for us to try. So many suds for studs, we can fuck for hours in there. It is erotic when you are getting me all soapy and slick.

Then I am doing the same to you. Using my sudsy hands to stroke your cock. Damn, I am getting turned on just writing this. Guess you can say I am a suds for studs whore for sure. I love being with a man in the shower and doing so many naughty things. I walk away with so many fun stories for my phone sex chat sessions.

Of course, sex during a bubble bath is super sexy!

We have so many ways to play with each other and to please each other. That is the most important factor here. That we are both getting our climax on. What is the point if we don’t get off when we are playing. I want to have that earth-shattering orgasm mixed in with all those bubbles.

Tell me the truth, you love how good it feels with your cock sliding in and out of me. All those suds adding so much lubrication, we are fucking like crazy! Slipping and sliding around in the shower. Not only enjoying each other physically but laughing and having fun while we are in there.

Suds for studs involves so much fun for both of us!

I love playing, laughing and enjoying ourselves. You make me laugh out loud being silly with the soap. Touching my pussy just like I love and making my legs quiver. You are an outstanding lover. Making me cum many times over while we are in the shower. The things you are doing give me wet dreams for days.

You have shown me I can find someone that is my equal when it comes to sex. I have wondered if anyone was out there. Now, I know, if we are in the bathroom, tub or shower, you please me like no one else. Your cock is so big penetrating my pussy with force. Making me scream out in pleasure.

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Fuck yes, fill my holes with that big dick!

Lifting my leg as high as possible as you slide inside me. Using the suds to rub my big tits and body. I love how your hands are moving smoothly all over my body. Then a couple fingers slip into my ass. Oh my gosh yes! You are fucking amazing suds for studs man! As we are finishing up you hug me and kiss my neck.

What a great afternoon in the shower. I love spending time exploring our erogenous zones. You are a master at working my body and making me cum. Using the suds for lubrication is so hot. My body is in overdrive for you and your cock. I want to feel it all over my body using suds for studs.

Being naughty with you feels so good!

As we use the suds to explore each other, our hands are slipping and sliding to all the good places. You are a rockstar as you caress my breasts, then squeeze my nipples with just the right pressure. Damn, you are making my legs week with your masterful hands. My hands are full of suds sliding over your muscular body. Finding that beautiful cock again.

I start to pull and pump on it again, craving you inside me one more time. As I am massaging your dick, you are growing harder. We continue to work the soap and suds as we use our hands, and bodies to touch each other. Feeling your strong arms and legs as they touch me. I am wet, not only from the shower, but my pussy is dripping wet.

Your strength radiates from your body.

After many hours we are satiated and ready to rest. We step out of the shower and use giant fluffy towels to dry each other off. I love the feel of the cotton on my skin. You have pleased me beyond my expectations. Now, we are able to lay down and rest until we are ready for me naughty fun! Maybe next time I can share some of my big tit stories with you. If you are good for me!