BBC is some of the most sought-after fetishes. Adam always had a thing for strap-on play so for New Year I had a fun plan in mind with some friends. One of my friends is a sexy

BBC. He loves anyone willing to suck his delicious big cock. For New Years’ a mix of us went to one of the popular dungeons to try out some new toys and to give Adam a little surprise.  Adam loved women in charge and loved when we would fuck his little bitch ass out. Jada one of my sweet girlfriends planned to help me execute Adam’s surprise.

We all showed up and waited for Jarred, my friend with the huge BBC. I already had Adam’s mask fixed on his face. Adam saw the strap-on and his little dick grew in anticipation. Once I heard Jarred show up I brought him into the room. Everyone who thought they were getting a first-hand look at strap-on play, found it was more of a forced cock sucking session.

I had Jarred stand in front of Adam, I did all the talking next to Jarrod so Adam would think it was me. Often times I would use a dildo that felt fairly realistic. Even had a little pump into it to make a white cum like substance shoot out when I wanted. Hence it is a fun little trick!

Jada stood behind Adam and worked his asshole with a small dildo to ready him. Jarrod rubbed the head of his massive cock against Adam’s hungry mouth. Standing there I instructed him on taking every bit of my 11 inches. He was a flawless cock sucker. Loved the taste of the “fake precum”. When Adam said it was delicious we all snickered because he was eating real precum.

Jarrod was getting really into it and started to pump into Adams’ face. At the right moment, I lifted one side of his blindfold and told him to watch my BBC cum in his mouth. Adam looked up and saw Jarrod. A huge muscular black man with a big smile on his face. Adam tried to pull his mouth off Jarrod, but Jarrod laughed and said “Oh no white boy, you’re about done. Keep sucking me off.” Adam squirmed but to no avail.

After a few moments of fighting it, he relented and sucked Jarrod off into his mouth. Before he could spit, Jada and I covered his mouth and forced him to swallow the load. Now Adam wasn’t too impressed with our surprise, but he did come around and had strap-on fun later that night with us.

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