Surprise Suck in the Movie Theater!

He was such a gentleman when he picked me up from my house. We’d been out together once before but nothing ever happened sexually between us. I was very disappointed about that fact, but man was I determined to change it this time around tonight at the theater.

We went out to dinner and then headed to the movies. We picked a movie that had been out for a while. I love propping my feet up and getting nice and comfy while enjoying the show. We got settled in our seats about 20 minutes before the movie was to start. No one was in the theater at that point. I slowly noticed that there probably wasn’t going to be anyone else seeing this show with us.

I looked up at him and gave him the “I need to fuck you” eyes! As soon as the movie started I reached over and started to rub his crotch! He quickly got his hands all over my body as we embraced in some passionate kissing. As we were getting very hot and heavy, I pulled his cock out of his pants. He was rock hard, and I knew I could drive him wild!

I leaned over into his lap and started to suck and gently lick his cock. He gasped for air and started to push his hips up towards my mouth. I let him go inside my mouth but I didn’t start sucking yet. He pushed it into the back of my throat and then I started sucking. I knew right then and there that he was going to cum VERY quickly. I got on my knees right in front of him and sucked like crazy. He put his hands on either side of my head and shoved as far as he could into my throat. That’s the moment that he unloaded every drop into my throat. Lets just say, we didn’t watch any of that movie 😉

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