Succubus Dreams!!

Succubus dreams feed your inner demon. It was a night like any other I got out of work and went to the bar for a few drinks before I headed home. A few drinks in and this dark-haired beauty with pale white skin walked into the bar. She looked of sex and danger and something just pulled me to her… As if she alone was calling to me.

Her eyes were honey brown almost the color of amber. She walked over to me every step almost like liquid and I began to feel drunk looking at her, almost hypnotized. When she spoke at first I did not hear her. My lust was ringing in my ears. I straightened introducing myself to this exotic beauty. “Hi, I’m Mark” She smiled with humor in her eyes.

She sat next to me and ordered a shot of tequila and a lime. “My name is Ana” She took her shot and bit the lime swallowing the harsh liquid like it was water. Turning her attention to me she gave me a brilliant smile brightening her already beautiful face, she leaned in and whispered in my ear “why don’t we go somewhere” My cock twitched at the thought.

Succubus Dreams!!

I don’t usually go with strange women for a fling but there was just something about her I had to have her. We walked outside and the air was cool and crisp a perfect night for a walk. We got to her place and she was on me kissing me and pulling off my clothes. So It was such a blur all I knew was my cock was harder then it had ever been before and I needed to see how she tasted and felt beneath me.

Our naked bodies intermingling, the passion between us was like liquid fire. I looked her in the eyes, they went from honey brown to blue sapphires it caught me off guard. She kissed me again my desire blinding me and I didn’t care if this succubus whore fucked me to death.

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