I’m going to stuff your ass like a well-basted turkey for Thanksgiving!

Before the family gets here, you’re going to put the turkey in the oven, then get into position on our bed.  You know the one, on your hands and knees with your ass high in the air. We’re going to spend Thanksgiving morning seeing how much of my huge cock I can stuff your ass with!

Go ahead, reach under my apron and feel the big cock I put on when I got up this morning!  It’s going to feel like you’re having shemale sex!  You’re going to get on your knees and suck my dick while I’m making the stuffing.  You’re going to sit there with my cock balls deep in your throat why you watch me get elbow deep in our turkey.  I know you’ll be wishing I was elbow deep in your faggot asshole. We both know what you want, and I’m going to make sure you have it!

I’m going to stuff your ass so hard that you won’t be able to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner!!

After I’m satisfied by your cocksucking, I’ll make you wait for me to stuff your ass.  You’re going to sit in the position on our bed until I’ve finished all the Thanksgiving sides.  Waiting in painful anticipation for me to fill your asshole with my massive cock!! When I’m ready, I’m going to come in and lube you up like I’m buttered up our bird.  

Then I’m going to ease my huge cock into your faggot fuckhole until you start to gobble like our main course!  I will tease you until you start pushing back with your cock hungry ass! Then I’m going to stuff your ass like I’m getting ready to throw you in our oven.  I know you want me elbow deep in your empty hole, too! I want you to cream all over my big dick until it drips as if I rolled it in the tub of whipped cream!!  Then we are going to clean up and finish getting our spread ready. Wouldn’t it mortify our family to know that I spent the afternoon stuffing your ass like their turkey dinner!


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