I know I should pay attention to my math. I suck at it, and it is so important to my nursing degree. but ever since my neighbor Sam agreed to help me study I can’t concentrate.

She is a beautiful girl, with long brown hair that always smells like strawberries. She is about two inches shorter than me, and has a full hour glass figure which tonight, with our heaters on over drive is barely covered by a tight black tank top and a pair of pink shorts.

Every time she bends over to get a book out of her bag I can see everything. I’m glad she left her stuff on the floor. She is sitting across from me at my desk reading and playing with her hair. Her glasses look like they are about to fall off of her face, and all I can think about is how much I wish I was sitting on her face instead.

I get up and slowly walk towards her.She is sitting with her back to me. I move her hair over to the side and lightly kiss her neck, waiting for her reaction. “You really will do anything to get out of studying.” she says pushing her glasses back up and smirking at me. “It’s not that Sam.” I start. Remember when you came over on Wednesday to take a shower because your hot water wasn’t working?”

“Well, you left the door cracked, and I might have peeked in. you were over by the dirty clothes, with my pink and black thong held up to your face, and you were touching yourself. It was so hot. As soon as you left I couldn’t help but start fucking myself. I moved my hands from her shoulders down to her large breasts, scratching lightly at her nipples underneath the thin fabric feeling them harden under my fingers. It was almost too much I wanted them in my mouth, sucking and biting at them until Sam moaned for more. She started to stutter out an embarrassed reply but I stopped her by planting my mouth on hers. I hooked my hands around her waist, pulling her up from her seat. I took her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

” Are you sure you want to do this?” Sam asked. I started lifting her shirt, as she kept going, ” I’ve had a crush on you since you moved in, I was to embarrassed to tell you” I dropped her shirt to the floor.Raising my hands back up to her bare chest cupping my hands around her perfect tits. I let my thumbs glide over her nipples watching them as they hardened again under my touch. Sam let her hands fall at my waist digging her nails in into my hips as I moved my mouth onto her ear.I sucked her lobe into my mouth and drug my teeth over it  as I let my hands slide into the waist of her shorts.

” I almost don’t need to take them off”I say jokingly.  Sam giggled back saying she was hoping I would notice just how short they were. I slid them down and watched as she kicked them off, her fully shaved pussy begging for my touch. I stepped back removing my led zeppelin shirt and red cheeky panties  keeping my eyes on Sam as she crawled onto the bed. She was perfect . I  told her to lay down on her back. I crawled on top of her, letting my hands roam over her perfect body. She let out little moans and sighs as my hands reached her inner thighs. I gently push them apart completely exposing her already wet pussy to me. She smelled so good.

I brushed my hands back up her thighs tickling her slightly, moving my way up to her clit working it slowly as I kissed her breasts working my way down untill I met my fingers, Sam let out a loud moan as I let my tongue take my finger’s place on her clit. God, she tasted even better than she smelled.

I twirled my tongue over her clit speeding up and pressing harder as I slid my fingers inside her hooking my fingers into her g-spot she started clenching her legs and lifting up on the bed, breathing heavy and begging me not to stop. I felt her walls clench down over my fingers. I slid my hands back and lightly kissed her mound. I crawled up next to her and put my arms around her waist “I hope your not falling asleep on me” she giggled “It’s my turn”.