Should I fear this stranger?

I’m driving home from a late dinner with one of my friends, and my car starts making a strange sound.  I pull over to the side of the road and (immediately after putting it in park) it dies.  Even though I know nothing about cars, I decide to pop the hood.  As I stare at the engine, I notice bright headlights and hear a door open.  I peek around the hood and feel a sudden rush of panic when I see a stranger getting out of a truck.

It’s a man, and as he approaches, I realize he’s a very good looking man.  My heart races but instead of rushing to get my mace from my purse, I stand there and smile.  My heart’s pounding rapidly, but it isn’t from fear, it’s from excitement.   I surmise he’s in his thirties, about six feet tall, and (from what he’s wearing) probably a farmer who lives somewhere along this road.

“Havin’ some car trouble tonight, ma’am?”

I tell him yes and, after he has me get back in and try to start it, he says it sounds like the problem is the starter.  I audibly groan and thank him, and tell him I need to call the auto club for a tow.  As I get my cell phone and dial the number on the card, he lowers the hood and stands at the front of the car, wiping his hands on a rag.

It’s a busy night.  “They won’t be here for about forty-five minutes,” I tell him.

“I can’t leave you on the side of the road alone.  Do you mind if I wait with you?” he says.

“Not at all, I’d appreciate the company.”

I get out of the car and, since I don’t care if my mini jean skirt gets dirty, hop up to sit on the hood.  He moves closer to me and leans on the car next to where I’m sitting.  The horny bitch I am, I can’t keep myself from looking at his crotch and noticing the growing bulge in his jeans.

Here and now, on the hood of my car, I want this stranger to fuck me.

Taboo Phone Sex!