Stoner Girls make the best friends and the best lovers!

Stoner Girls are the kind of girls you want to chill with all night long. It’s no secret that I love to smoke weed. I’m known around the Phone Sex Kingdom for it, in fact. If I have to be known for anything, I’m glad it’s for being such a fun girl!

This week I had The Queen, my fellow phonesex queen, on my podcast, Gwen’s G-Spot, as my special guest. I really had a great time getting to know her. I asked her what her favorite kind of calls are and why. She sure had some sexy answers for me!

We also had a super fun smoke session and the laughs did not stop coming! Afterward, I kept thinking about what a good time we had and I have to admit, I was also thinking about how hot The Queen was. I found myself very intrigued by her femdom attitude. The more I thought about her sexy words and vibe, the more I wanted to eat her out.

Plain and simple, I want to get my mouth of her sweet cunt and I want to lick it till she screams my name. Just thinking about it makes my pussy so fucking wet. It’s definitely become material for my spank bank. And have you seen those hangers? They are the perfect compliment to my perky little titties.

I keep thinking about smashing our bodies together so our tits press into each other and then reaching down and finger banging each other.

I just want her to dominate me and make me lick her big tits and eat her hot pussy. In fact, I’ve been dreaming about it. Every two girl call we do together makes me hotter and hotter for her. We do whatever our caller wants each time and every time it makes it better between us.

Best Phone Sex!