Did I Hear You Say You Have A STOCKING FETISH?

My stocking fetish is one of the more rare fetishes I have, that you may have too! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve adored the look and style. Watching my mother get ready for work every morning, one leg at a time she’d slip into them, and I can remember running my hands up and down her legs loving the way they felt and subconsciously forming a stocking fetish that’s now resulted in a huge collection.

It’s even better if you share my adoration for nylons as I do. I keep it classic, black, white, and nude. Black was the first color I fell in love with and it’s my go-to pair to slip over my already silky smooth legs. What is it you like about stockings? How did your stocking fetish start? For me, I love the way they look with my complexion over my skin. I feel empowered and sexy, ready to conquer anything. I love the way they slip into my heels and the way they stop perfectly right above my knee.

Can already imagine your fascination.

Feeling my stockings as I run my feet along your naked body, letting you feel the fabric. Teasing your cock with my big toe covered in soft material and them modeling them for you as I walk around the room. I love a matching pair of panties and garters, and when I’m bored, I’m definitely the type to slip a pair on for fun just to feel like the sexual goddess that I am! Should I be modeling anything else for you while we’re together? I know I should keep them on even when you’re fucking me relentlessly, but have you ever cum on a woman’s stockings? My fetish for them only grew stronger the first time I licked cum off them. Will it be your cum that I lick off next?

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