Sexy stepdaughter’s turn

Stepfather pay pig – I stood at my little piggie’s basement office door deciding whether to knock or just barge in. It didn’t take me long, though, to decide that I would just open the door and walk right in. As soon as I was in his office, I noticed two things. One, he had multiple pictures of me open on his computer screen. Some were mine from Instagram, but others I had never seen.

And two, he had his dick out with his right hand wrapped around it. He at least had the presence of mind to stop jacking off when I walked in. It took him another minute longer to put his now half-hard dick away and turn off his computer. I pretended to ignore all of that for the moment.

I went for maximum sleazy when I picked out my outfit earlier, and I knew that I looked absolutely amazing. Just like my stepfather pay pig liked. A short skirt, a low cut top, and no bra. I also wore high heels and thigh highs for maximum seduction when I sat on the edge of his desk and crossed my legs.

I planned to have a serious conversation with him about my expectations for him and my newest demand. And I needed every advantage that I could think of.

Stepfather pay pig can’t resist my bouncy bare breasts.

As I had planned, I walked slowly across his office and perched on the edge of his desk. He was trying not to stare at me, but his eyes kept darting back and forth from my cleavage to my legs. As if he thought I wouldn’t notice if he didn’t look at one area of my body for too long. But I did notice, of course.

Of course,  I used that to my advantage. I shifted a little, which made my skirt hike up a little more, and I leaned over, giving him an even better view of my bouncy bare breasts.

My stepfather pay pig seemed utterly unable to speak, so I started the conversation. I asked, “We’ve been playing this little game for a while now, and I’ve really been enjoying it. And it seems that you have too. Is that right?” He nodded vigorously, apparently still struck mute from my presence.

You have to pay for this privilege.

I went on,” at this point, you are working every day to make me happy. And you really seem to enjoy handing over whatever I ask for. You only experience joy when I am satisfied. And you have to pay for that privilege.

We both know that I deserve everything I take from you. And you are happy to give me whatever I want because you only exist to me as a stepfather pay pig.”

I then explained that it was time to push his boundaries. That he would need to ignore his comfort levels and turn over even more of his earnings and savings to me. He would need to do a lot more to please me. He had bought me clothes, paid my bills, paid for car repairs, and just given me cash. But I wanted two more things.

Hiding my insecurities

Inside I was nervous. Despite the confident, demanding, and sexy stepdaughter I presented to him, I was just kind of making this up as I went. I knew what I wanted, and I knew how to push his buttons.

My fear was not that he would hesitate or even refuse to obey me. It was that he would call my bluff and realize that he didn’t crave my attention, and he certainly could resist my demands. I would be left feeling foolish and without a stepfather pay pig.

Fortunately, I am very good at hiding my insecurities and appearing very confident. I was sure that he only saw me as the goddess that I presented to him. Knowing that I felt confident enough to demand what I wanted. I leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear, “I want free access to your AMEX card, and I want a brand new Mercedes.”

Next up: We’ll hear from the stepfather pay pig. How do you think he reacted to his irresistible stepdaughter’s newest demands? Stick with me, and we’ll find out!

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