Stepdad fucks stepdaughter

It really was a case of mistaken identity, at first. It’s not like my stepdad was spying on me and snuck into my room to molest me. Not that I would of complained, honestly. How does this stepdad fucks stepdaughter thing happen? I was doing one of those Skype things. You know what I mean, right? I had met a guy on the internet and he wanted to Skype but nothing was sexy about pajamas. That’s why I went into my parents room and scrambled through mom’s lingerie drawer. I wanted to wear something sexy for my on camera appearance. She had so many sexy outfits that I had a hard time choosing just one. The black lace ensemble or the pink baby doll? Then again there was always red too. I must of tried all of them on. What color would you had wanted to see me in?

There I was posing in front of the mirror trying to decide. Red, black, or pink? Hair up or hair down? I really was torn. Then I hear footsteps coming from the hall. I panic and realize there is no time to change. There is no time do anything but hide. The footsteps are right outside my parents bedroom door. I kick my clothes under the bed and jump into my parents bed. Before the door opens I turn off the light and throw the covers over my body. My blonde hair is the only thing visible but maybe he will think I’m mom. The plan was to sneak out of the room after he fell asleep. My stepdad crawled into bed and snuggled up to me from behind. His arm wrapped around me and his hand is on my stomach.

The mistaken identity case

After feeling my bare stomach he looks under the covers and realizes I am not in my usual night time clothes. Lingerie must be a calling card for sex. Because my stepdad started kissing my shoulder and rubbing his hands all over me. I could of stopped him but honestly it felt really good. His mouth moves to neck, he is kissing and nibbling my neck. It’s dark in the room so he can’t see it’s not mom but he clearly thinks I am mom. Mom and I are about the same build, and we are both blonde. Everything he is doing feels so good that I decide to just go with it. He pull down the covers, removes my panties and starts licking my cunt. My stepdad has still not noticed he’s eating his stepdaughter’s cunt.

I don’t know what turns me on more, his tongue or that he thinks I am mom. My thighs close in around his head and I am grabbing at the sheets. I grab his head and grind my pussy into his mouth. After soaking his face I roll him onto his back. See where this stepdad fucks stepdaughter story is going? I’m between his legs stroking his cock. Then I wrap my lips around his cock and stroke him into my mouth. I try to get all of him into my mouth even though he’s so big. He’s moaning and pulling my hair. He pulls me up and puts me onto my stomach. Now he’s behind me thrusting his cock inside my pussy. I can feel his balls slapping against me as he fucks me.

Fuck me daddy

And then I cum all over his cock It made me tremble it was that good. But he flips me over onto my back. He thrusting and penetrating me deep. He’s talking dirty to me. And then his phone rings which is on the end table next to the bed. He glances at it as it reads my mom’s name. Then he flips on the lamp next to bed and sees me underneath him. “Cum for me daddy your already inside me” I say. But can you guess what happens next? It’s pretty taboo.

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