It Always Starts With Sexting

“Hi, are you naughty enough 😉 ?” This is how it all started on an online chat. I first thought he would be just like any other guy, trying to flirt with a woman. “Just make sure you can make me more hornier than you can get”, is what I replied. “Can we sexchat?” he started the conversation. Like sexting? I thought. “Lets see how good you are at this”, I replied showing a bit of interest in him.

“How big are those tits?”, he asks. I look at myself and thinking I had the those perfect ones, and replied  ”
34DD 😉 you would love to suck my nipples.” “Just make sure that it fills my hand when I come to squeeze them”, he gets more naughtier in his sexting.

The conversation went on for more than an hour, I didn’t even realize it was 2 A.M already. By then we had exchanged our numbers and our home addresses.

We had decided to meet up in my house, as I had the place to myself.

The door bell rang at 6 in the evening, it had to be him. He wore a blue tight fit jeans and a black shirt. I just couldn’t take my eyes of him. He looked so masculine. “You seem to be working out hard I guess”, I asked looking at his masculine body.”I think you will like the rest of me soon enough” he replied with a wink. He entered the hall and sat on the soft couch. “Wine?” I asked in a low tone. He agreed to have one.

I sat beside him, not too close. “They are just as perfect as I imagined them”, he told looking at my breasts.”I told you I would love them”, winked at him and took a sip of my wine. “I can’t sit for long, it feels more comfortable when I lay in bed and have a conversation”, he said. I just had to go with the flow, so I smiled at his naughty looking hot face and guided him to my room upstairs.

He feels so free and gets on the bed first before I even sit on my bed. “You seem to be excited”, I asked . “It’s always fun, when I get in bed.” He winks again. “It’s tough sometimes to make a woman happy , you know?”, I replied. We both knew where this was going.

I finally get in bed and we are close enough that our shoulders kept rubbing regularly. And then we started talking,

“I just love those perky tits.”

“I have got similar compliments.”, replied looking at him and a smile on my face.

“And I’m losing control of my hands.”

“And I guess that’s a good sign.”, I said and we laughed.

“Why did I see your zipper move when you were walking beside me to my room ?”, I asked blushing a little.

“I think you have to move your lips and tongue faster and ask the one inside the zip to know your answer”. I could see his naughty smile on his face.

It was getting cold outside. And only one thing that could heat us up, sex.

“Its getting cold outside”, I said.

“We can get ourselves warmed, if you like a lil adventure.”

“Surprise me” I replied.

I could feel his hands slowly move towards my face, intending to turn towards his. He gently held my neck and kissed me. That was too good, his lips tasted very, just…yum.

I kissed him again and quickly he placed his hands on my “perky” breasts. “Ask your hands, if its satisfied.” I asked. “It’s just the perfect fit” he said squeezing my round breasts. It just felt someone made cotton ball out of a clay ball. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I held his hard cock in my hand and stroked it. We then undressed each other. He pounced on me to get into the Missionary position. He then slowly rubbed his cock on my tight pussy and then fucked me hard till my pussy got soo very wet. On my bed he pushed and pushed into me until he exploded. His ejaculation burst out, and forced my orgasm to roar out of my mouth like a volcano erupting…..

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