St Patrick’s Cuckold Day Is Going To Be Fun.

St Patrick’s Cuckold Day. Bet you never thought you’d hear those words in the same sentence did ya? Well, for those of you that didn’t know that I’m British, I’m actually half Irish too and have spent half my life there before I joined all you sexy big dicked and in some cases, perfectly obedient and subservient American men.

Before that, I had many Irish boyfriends. I had a couple of my own private St Patrick’s Cuckold parties when I lived there, and I can tell you us Paddies know how to party. It was nothing out of the ordinary to see a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl quite happily and noisily fucking herself with an alco-pop bottle. This was purely the norm, no one batted an eyelid.

So as always I sought out the lowest of the low when it came to sexual degeneracy, the real freaks who are into the weird, bizarre, and like me, the most satisfying. I love having my freakish horrible and sometimes cruel or debasing and humiliating needs met, don’t you?

I especially love cuckolds. Knowing that a man gets off on preparing, watching, and cleaning me gets me off so hard, it brings out the demon in me.

I like to bring your face so close to the massive vein-covered cock that is sliding in and out relentlessly from my pussy that you can smell, and definitely taste how wet I’m getting.

Can you smell the difference? Between a white Irish cock and a nice thick black hard dick, the contrast between the dark and almost purple of that mushroom head against my tight, super Caucasian pussy is delicious. Wouldn’t you enjoy watching that? I think I’m going to make my little St Patrick’s Day Cuckold stick his tongue out and lick the shaft as my big black friend pounds his meat staff into me, making me scream and clutch the bedsheets as if I’m getting hurt, but in fact, I LOVE it. You can tell.

So Happy St Patrick’s Cuckold PhoneSex Day! I hope you get super drunk and watch a fat black cock fuck your wife or girlfriend, really close.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke