Squirting for My Fuck Toy

The text I had been waiting for had finally arrived without a minute to spare.  I was in a naughty mood and needed a good little bitch boy to help occupy my time by fucking and bring me squirting.   This one in particular, Dan, was always ready to come when I would call.  Fucking loser!

  He was outside my house, standing in the hot summer rain, waiting for me to open up.   I answered the door in my silk black robe, thigh highs, and sharp pin heels.  He did a quick glance up and down before he hung him head down where it belonged and walked inside.  Then he started to speak, but I put up my hand and quieted him.  He was so well trained.

I led him to the bedroom.

 As I walked through the doorway, I opened my robe and let it him the floor.  I could hear his breath getting heavier.  Knew it wouldn’t be long before he was begging for some fun.   I ordered him to his knees and had him press his face cheek to cheek with my juicy ass.  Asking him if he wanted a taste.  He whined as he begged to pleasure me.   I couldn’t help but giggle.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my nylon cover legs around his neck.  He lapped at my pussy and ass like a hungry puppy.  He knew the only thing he was good for was licking my cunt clean.  His face was glistening in my pussy juice as I came, squirting all over him.   When I was done I sent him on his way.  He knew better than to ask for anything in return.

  On his way home, he jerked his cock in the car smelling my pussy juice on his skin.  What a good fuck toy!

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