He asked for my squirting cum in his mouth.

My boyfriend wanted me squirting my cum directly into his mouth. I told him to lay down on his back and I squatted over his head. I let him lick my pussy for a little bit but that wasn’t what was going to get my pussy squirting for him. It felt really good, don’t get me wrong, but it took more than a tongue to get my pussy gushing like he wanted.

When I was feeling really good from his mouth I pulled myself up off of his face just a few inches and inserted my middle and ring finger into my wet pussy. As I started to finger myself I kept the palm of my hand pressed against my clit. I curled my fingers in pushing through my pussy wall toward the palm of my hand that was pressed against my clit. With my gspot pressed down, I started fingering my pussy even faster.

I knew he was ready to have my pussy squirting all over his face. I told him to open his mouth as I finger fucked my pussy just inches from his face. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to build. I don’t think he was ready for the amount of cum that came squirting out of me. I poured out of my pussy pretty quickly but when I removed my hand from my dripping cunt and sat down on his face I could tell he couldn’t take it all.

It flooded his mouth and started pouring out down his face, chin, and neck.

My cum was pooling beneath his head but he didn’t stop. He wanted more of my juices. Even with me squirting out enough cum to overflow from his mouth he latched onto my pussy and kept taking all that I had to give. Now I grabbed onto his head and began fucking his juicy face. Once my squirting subsided I pulled my pussy off is his face and gave him a huge kiss.

I love the taste of my cum especially after squirting it all over someone! Have you ever had a girl squirting all over you? Or is it something you fantasize about? Let’s play….I’ll let you hear just how messy my pussy gets!

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