Spread Those Seeds And Impregnate Me!

I just want you to spread those seeds and impregnate me! I have never been pregnant in all of my 26 years of life, but one thing I long for is for you to plunge that cock of yours deep into my pussy, cum inside of me, give me those seeds and sow your oats in my virgin womb. I’ve an insatiable need to feel your cock pulsate its load in my tight pussy, on a mission to knock me up!

It all started when I realized that I was the only one of my girlfriends who has yet to have a baby and the urges started. I began to stand in the mirror and look at myself naked, imagining that I was pregnant. I’d turn sideways and push my little tummy out as far as I could, just to see what I’d look like with a little “baby bump”. I loved the thought of me being pregnant and the mission was on.

The following night, we had one of our many sexual rendezvous in my hot tub and that’s when I told you that I didn’t want you to wear a condom that night and that I wanted you to knock me up.

Thrilled at the thought of being free busting your load deep inside of me, you didn’t hesitate to fulfill my request. You revealed that you’ve also longed to plant those strong seeds of yours deep within my pussy, in an effort to knock me up to see the fruit of your loins.

Hmm, I was beyond excited at the thought of this being the load that could possibly be the one to put a baby inside of me. At that moment, because I was so excited I swear I could feel my pussy release its juices all down my legs. I couldn’t help but jump up and wrap my long sexy legs around your waist. Our bodies must have known exactly what time it was because in that instant your cock found the entrance to my honeypot without any effort whatsoever.

Immediately, like a dog mounting his bitch you began to viciously pump that cock in and out of pussy going faster and faster. It was then that we decided to get out of the hot tub to take our festivities to the patio. You grabbed two of the patio cushions for me so that I could kneel down on them….after all, you’re my stud and it’s only right that we do this doggy style!

After some more fondling and kissing, you make your way to my rear and let me have in a way you’ve never let have it before. Just then you……Hmmm, give me the pleasure of telling you the rest of this steamy story! Call me, for kinky phone sex and I will give you every juicy detail and you can Impregnate Me!!

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