Sploshing, the act of eating food from a naked body was something I was unfamiliar with until now!

Sploshing, an event where I was the main course. To read more about this hot XXX Phone Sex story read part 1 here.

After lying down on the linen-clad table the waitstaff surrounded me. Each holding trays of different forms of sushi, fruit and whip creme they stood there like mannequins awaiting release.  Sploshing was going to be a real treat for some people as I lied there helpless. The bell rang, a little tinkling in the background and they moved into action. Slowly they started to cover my body in their trayed delights.

Lying very still they approached me and started to lay food across my body. Whip Creme like air covering my shaved pussy. Blueberries covering my nipples. Strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe……all placed strategically across my body. Sushi in places unmentionable. And yet still only my husband, Ming Li, and I were in the room.

After the waitstaff had covered my body in edibles, they quietly left the room.

Then, the familiar sound of the bell ringing woke me out of my trance-like state. With the ringing of the bell, another side door swung open and in walked about 15 different men. With no chairs in the room, they all stood around the table surrounding me while my husband stood in the corner a slight smile on his face watching us.

The bell rang a fourth time and a very quiet melody filled the air. Slowly the men all started to approach the table and me. My husband watched intently as heads bobbed up and down from my body removing little bite size pieces of food from me. They all seemed to be enjoying their little sploshing victim. One gentleman started licking up the whip creme and blueberries covering my nipples. Another man ate some strawberries from my navel. The sushi covering my toes was eaten by yet another gentleman.

Slowly my body was uncluttered of food and the men were eating to their delight.

My husband was enthralled watching us and I could see the bulge in his pants as he stared at me. Naked now and minus all evidence of having been a human dinner plate, except for a few tasty morsels of food and whip creme left over the familiar sound of the bell ringing filled the air. As if on cue the men all backed away from the table and my husband approached. Undoing his belt and pants button he pulled his cock out and slowly approached me. Mmmm, I couldn’t wait for what was in store for me.

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