The spanking punishment

I deserved every bit of my spanking punishment because I was a very bad girl. When I say I was bad I mean I was VERY bad. You have never seen someone as terrible as me. I would leave my window open and sneak in boys. Obviously, I snuck in the boys for sex but it wasn’t just the boys from school. I soon found one of those chat sites and started seeing older men. At first, it was just flirting. After some time it turned into picture sharing and eventually they talked me into sending nude pictures. You can guess what came after the nude pictures, right? They all knew I wasn’t 18 but I think that just turned them on more. The guys bought me gifts, gave me booze, and gave me hush money. But then the things they wanted became more taboo.

I started drinking more and getting a bit more wild and woke my little sister. The guy I had overseen her and instantly wanted her. He said he had a fantasy about two sisters getting dirty together. I put the bottle to my sister’s lips and after and after a little while had her drunk. We were like best friends and she would do anything for me. I undressed her and convinced her to suck this guy’s dick. She was nervous because she didn’t know him but I talked her into it slowly. I even showed her how to be a cocksucker. We all got drunk and did very bad things to each other and then he left. After he left something behind, something that would get us all busted.

Daddy knows and I’m in trouble

Returning home from school I noticed daddy’s car was parked in the driveway. Daddy was supposed to be at work so I knew something was up. My little sister was sitting on the couch crying which confirms she told him EVERYTHING. Daddy sends me to my room and says he’ll be in to deal with me soon. I wait nervously in my room. There is something I failed to mention when starting this story which is I’m a daddy fucker. I’m not supposed to be fucking with anyone but daddy. As he is walking down the hall I hear the clinking of the belt and I know I’m getting the spanking punishment. My door opens and daddy throws a wallet at me. That asshole forgot his wallet and my daddy found it, along with an empty alcohol bottle.

He tells me to take off my pants, panties and bend over his lap. I do as told and lay across his lap. The belt slaps across my ass “ouch!” Again the belt slaps across my ass “Daddy, please it hurts.” But daddy doesn’t stop yet. With every slap, I feel a sting and a little bit of a burn. Is it weird that I like my spanking punishment? As much as it hurt it turned me on. After my spanking punishment, I stand up and see my red ass cheeks. Daddy drops his pants and demands me to suck his big dick. He shoves my face on his cock and holds me down on it for what felt like forever. No matter how hard I gagged or choked he forced my head to stay down on it.

Daddy fucks daughter

Tears stream down my face but still daddy doesn’t stop ramming my throat with his cock. I cry, he slaps me across the face. If I beg him to stop he slaps me across the face. It was best I just took my punishment with no argument. After daddy is done with my face he throws me on the bed. Forcefully spreading my legs he gets between them and shoves his dick inside me with one thrust. Daddy says he is going to knock me up so I stop drinking and so that no man will want me again. Looking for some real taboo phone sex, call me. I promise you have seen bad like this before. Want to see all the naughty things I’m into? I do more than age play! Did you know I was an anal sex addict?