Bad Girls Love Spanking

When I have been a bad little girl, my daddy always gave me a good spanking.  I was bad so often, I actually started to look forward to them.  Loved the string and the sound of his rough hand against my soft ass cheeks.  I loved how his handprint would stay on my ass for hours and would burn when I rubbed my cheeks.  I loved seeing the welt when I pulled my pants down in front of the mirror. It no real surprise I still love a good spanking to this day and I am still a very naughty girl.  I even go out of my way sometimes to make sure I get that spanking I so desperately crave!

My boyfriend is the jealous type, but he is also very dominant.  He knows I am a sexy girl and I get a lot of attention when we go out.  What he doesn’t like is how I entertain that attention and make myself look like a whore.  He hates when I smile back at guys looking my way or let guys buy me drinks.  Even though I know he hates it, I still do those things just so I can be punished when we get home.  I think he knows I get off on it too.

When we get home from a night at the club, he always tells me what a naughty slut I have been.

 He makes me take on my clothes until I am in nothing but my bra.  Then he orders me to bend over his knee just like my daddy used to. He asks me what I think should happen to girls who make themselves look easy.  I beg him to spank me and I beg him to punish me for being such a bad girlfriend.  His hands feel like just like my daddy’s and it takes me to such a juvenile and vulnerable place.  I feel my pussy get so wet with every single wack.

Sometimes a naughty girl just needs a good spanking and this naughty girl loves to be punished!

Do you want to give one of our Phone Sex Girls a good spanking? They will be sure to say thank you, may I have another.