Spanking His New Sub

I could tell Dylan was different than most men I had dated. He had this air about him that screamed control.  We went back to his place after dinner.  He took charge as soon as we got in the bedroom.  He knew what he wanted and I just stood there and let him take it.  Confident men are so sexy!  I didn’t want to do anything else.  He quickly took my clothes off, then his own.  He got behind me and held me close, rubbing his dick against my ass crack as his hands played with my breasts.

“I want you to be all mine tonight,” he said as one hand cupped my breast while his index finger rubbed my nipple.  It hardened under his touch as I told him he could do whatever he wanted to me.  He pushed me face down on the bed and took out a pair of handcuffs.  The way he looked at me, I couldn’t help it; I nodded my consent before he put them on me, looping them through the headboard.  He got behind me, grabbed me by my hips, and pulled my ass up into the air.  I love doggy style and rocked my hips side to side, teasingly shaking my ass at him.  I felt his hand on my ass and my pussy got wet with excitement.


Then I suddenly felt a sharp pain and jumped as his hand landed on my ass.

I wasn’t expecting it but who doesn’t love a good spanking?  He did it again and again, doing it a bit harder each time.  It was getting hard to breath and my breasts jiggled with each impact of his hand.  Tears rolled down my face as my pussy juices dripped down my thighs.  Let’s face it, the pain was a bit of a turn-on.  It was the perfect mix of pleasure and pain.  I loved this unexpected side of Dylan!

My pussy was aching and I was dying to touch it.  The handcuffs clinked as I tried to move my hands and I finally gave up.  I would just have to wait for my pleasure.  He stopped smacking me and I felt the mattress slightly shake as he moved up behind me.  I couldn’t wait!!  I knew what was coming and hopefully, it was going to be me…very soon!!

He positioned himself behind me, grabbed a hold of my stinging cheeks, and squeezed them as he separated them.  I heard him let out a huge moan as his fingers dug into my skin even harder.  “Beg me,” he said.  I tried to turn my head to look at him but was surprised by his hand landing firmly on my sensitive skin yet again.  “I did NOT say you could move, Brooke.  Now, beg me for my cock.”  “Yes Sir,” I replied.  “Please Dylan, please fuck me!” I begged.  “Good girl.” He said.  “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to pound my pussy until I’m squirting all over your big fucking cock Dylan.  Please, please let me cum!” I begged him.

He began to tease the entrance of my dripping hole with the tip of his cock, pushing it in just a little bit at a time.  I was whimpering, pushing my ass back toward him, trying to get him to penetrate me even deeper.  “Is this what you want Brooke?” he asked.  “Yes, Dylan.  Please give me more!” I exclaimed.  With that, he grabbed my hips and slammed himself deep inside of me.  “OH MY GOD!!! YES!!!” I screamed.  “Mmm, I love this nice plump ass of yours Brooke,” he said as he grabbed onto each cheek and started to fuck me harder.

I started to cum and he stopped, his dick buried deep inside of me.  “I did NOT say you could cum yet.  Did I give you permission?” he asked.  “No, Dylan, you did not give me permission.  I’m sorry.  Please let me cum.  I want to cum so bad!! Please!!!”  I kept begging him.  “I want you to squirt all over my big cock, Brooke.  Do you want to cover me in all that hot cum of yours?  Show me what a good girl you are.”  He started pounding me harder.  “CUM NOW BROOKE!” he screamed at me as his hand once again met my ass.  I started to squirt all over him.  My orgasm hit me so hard!!  We had cum dripping down both of our thighs, pooling underneath us.

“That’s my girl,” he said as he pulled his cock out of my dripping cunt.

He moved up the bed and let me free from my restraints.  “You are now going to take care of me,” he said, as he took my face into his hands and pressed his cock to my lips.  “Yes Sir,” I replied, “please let me taste you.”  He grabbed onto my head and started to fuck into my face.  I could tell he was getting closer as his cock grew inside my mouth.  I could taste his precum, he was so close.  So I tightened my grip around his cock with my lips covering my teeth.

That was all it took, his seed exploded into my mouth with so much force, I could feel it in the back of my throat.  He pulled out of me and with his hands on either side of my face he leaned in and kissed me deeply.  “You are such a good sub, Brooke,” he said, “I think I will keep you.”  Giving someone that power over me makes me so fucking HOT!!  Do you think you have what it takes to tame me?  Give me a call….let’s find out 🙂

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke