Spanking was not something I expected to get when I was fucking around in the locker room. Coach decided…

Spanking  Travis and I for  getting caught making out seemed like a good punishment in his eyes. Travis asked me if I wanted to suck his cock just as we were discovered. Mr.Evans was our swim coach also known to be strict. We respected him and even a few of us crushed hard for him. He was tall with sandy brown hair and cold blue eyes.

Both Travis and I were a bit nervous about his threat of spanking us. He told us obviously we had shitty parents and needed to be taught about how to behave. He told Travis and I to bend over the bench and take our punishment.

I shook my head, wtf you’re really gonna spank me? He told me if I didn’t listen we were off the team. I already had a scholarship in the works because of swimming. Travis and I bent over and waited. I was still in my wet suit and knew this would burn!

Coach undid his belt. He took his large hand and rubbed my wet ass in slow circles. I felt him pull away and then land a heavy smack on my ass. He repeated several times. I bit back my tears and took it. Coach looked to Travis and said he heard Travis ask me if I wanted to suck his cock.

Before Travis could answer he felt the bite of the belt. His ass took it harder then mine ever did. It welted up and had a burnished red hue. I turned and looked at coach, I saw he had a full on boner! I motioned for Travis to look back and he saw it plain as day. Coach saw our line of vision and didn’t let it go unnoticed.

“You wanna keep your scholarship right Aly? If you do follow me into my office.” Mr.Evans had a look in his eyes that scared me yet excited me. Travis looked nervous but stayed silent. I went into his office waited. I didn’t look but I could hear him un-zipping his pants. The belt tossed onto the table made me jump.

He pushed me over his desk and pulled my swimsuit to the side. More spankings followed. While he spanked me I felt his cock press into my tightened up pussy. A spank with each thrust. He milked his cock deep inside of me. It felt good but he wasn’t trying to satisfy me. It was all about him.

I straightened up and walked from his office. You could see the wet cum on the insides of my legs. Travis watched me stand back next time him embarrassed. Coach told Travis since he asked me for a blow job he could see what it was like to eat cum. I was asked to lay back on the bench and open up. I closed my eye’s and could hear Travis beg Mr.Evans to stop.

I felt Travis’ face pushed into my cum filled pussy. I hear him repeatedly whipped with the belt until he started to lick. Travis got really into it. I think he liked it since he was shoveling cum out of my pussy and swallowing. His lips smacked loudly as he savored it.

In the end coach didn’t tell on us. Travis and I were found fucking around plenty of times by Mr.Evans and made it our after school fun!

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