True sex story for you this week gentleman. Almost embarrassed my co-workers will be reading this very private moment haha, but not so embarrassed that I won’t say this very

true sex story of my squirting experience. As most of you know I recently experienced my first orgasm while fucking. I have moved up to a more masochistic role in the bedroom.

My Daddy has started implementing spankings.  My ass took his hand for over an hour. I actually asked for something more intense. The dreaded cane I have always heard about came out of the closet. I knew this was gonna hurt. My pussy was really wet with the impending pain.

Ass in the air and head on the bed. My arms were held together by Daddy. The cane rubbed on the softest part of my ass where it met my thighs.  Light spankings with the rod tapped lightly but, grew harder and faster in succession. I felt the need rising in me to call out Red for my stop word.

Just before the need grabbed me, Daddy stopped his assault on my burning red ass. His fingers dipped into my dripping pussy. I am not exaggerating gentleman. My pussy was in fact dripping!

I had no clue the amount of fingers being used, I just knew my pussy took on this insane intense feeling. It was like I needed to piss in the worst way. Daddy let go of my arms and used his free hand to rub my clit.

Oh, the sweet build to this climax wracked my entire body. I shook like a leaf. I felt it hit like a wave. I heard a spray of liquid just before I cried out. This orgasm lasted triple the time of a normal orgasm I have when I masturbate.

I collapsed onto his bed in my own puddle of girl water. Seriously I started to cry from how overwhelming the whole thing felt. Daddy only gave me a few moments before he began the next round of pain.

I came again and just as hard only I was able to look him in the eye when I came.

Good thing his bed had a mattress protector. I was kinda embarrassed I soaked his bed. He thought it was great though and asked me to come back anytime. Apparently, he is going to show me how amazing anal sex can be and how to have even more intense orgasms for it.

I will be sure to tell you all about it boys. I love telling you my true sex stories!


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