Spank my ass! I’m begging you.

I’ve been your naughty little secretary for a while now and I’m always trying to get away with things. I’m getting a little lax and I know that means you’re going to spank my ass hard! I know I deserve it. Also know I need it! I need it, bad sir. Please spank my ass and show me exactly who’s boss.

It’s been a long week at work. It’s Friday. Almost everyone has gone home for the weekend but we are still here at work. I can’t help but wonder if it’s my fault for not working harder this week. I just did not really feel like it. Was seriously lacking motivation and slacking way more than I should have.

I come into your office to grovel and apologize. I’m hoping I can escape my fate. Hoping that I can avoid too much punishment but I’m not sure that’s the case. I knock on your door and you motion me in. You tell me to shut the door and lock it and shut all the blinds. I anxiously do so, fumbling a bit from being nervous and I know all that’s doing is making you more angry with me. Now I’m really really nervous. I’m fidgeting and I know you’re gonna whip that right out of me. You hate it when I act this way but it only gets worse when I know you’re mad at me.

I turn around and try to smile my most genuine smile.

I’m so sorry sir. I know it’s been a long week and I’m so sorry we are having to work late on Friday. You give me a wicked grin and motion me to come over. I know the drill and I lean over and put my hands on the desk. Pulling up my skirt, revealing my black lacy panties and thigh highs, I feel your gentle hand slide up my thigh and I know what’s coming next…..

Call me to finish my punishment. Spank my ass hard.

Phone Sex Girls!