Spank me, daddy!

Spank me, daddy, I have been a bad girl I need you to punish me. I was out back hiding behind the bushes and was smoking a joint I was completely hidden from everyone or so I thought… When I got caught by my neighbor. “What the hell are you doing” he yelled in my face “Put that shit out” he commanded I was so shocked I had been caught that I put out the joint right away. “Your only 16 what are you doing smoking that shit?” he asked me in an angry voice. I bowed my head and twiddled my thumbs because I knew I was in big trouble. I was yelled at a bit more and then he said: “Either you tell your father, or I will!” My heart leaps to my throat choking me, I knew I was about to be punished.

We walked to my house, my dad was standing in the kitchen making something to eat when he looked up. Confusion crossed his face as he saw our neighbor with me then his eyes looked to me. My face clearly guilty. “Tell him” my neighbor commanded. I looked up at my daddy giving him my puppy dog eyes “Mr.Smith caught me out back smoking a joint” my fathers face turned angry so fast that his look alone made me flinch. My father grabbed me and pulled me over to a chair, and told me to bend over.

Mr.Smith stood in the corner, My hands were on the seat of the chair and bent over.

My dad pulled down my pants and panties leaving my ass bare. That’s when he began to spank my cute little ass till it was raw and red and I just couldn’t take any more. “Daddy please don’t spank me anymore it hurts”. I cried out and it was as if I encouraged him to spank me harder he beat my ass with his bare hand until I collapsed and sobbed. “Please daddy no more”.

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