Spank My Ass A Little Harder Please!!!

The dentist I work for is one of my favorite men to fuck! He is well hung, sexy, muscular, great ass, and amazing in the sack! He came over a few weekends ago and we fucked the whole time. We only left the bed to get food and jump into the shower. The fuck season that stands out the most to me is when he pulled out the honey and chocolate syrup! We made such a hot and sticky mess with those things but also with out own fluids.

He told me to lay back and close my eyes. I heard him threaten to tie me up if I peeked at what he was doing! I secretly wanted him to tie me up so badly but I also wanted to enjoy the moment. He started to pour warm honey across my breasts and then down to my naval! My abs clenched as I felt his tongue lick right at my belly button. He reached up and started to massage my tits with his hands. I opened my eyes and looked right at him. He stopped, reached over the bed and started to tie my hands above my head.

Little did he know that I actually wanted him to get rough and tie me up. I love how tight he ties the rope around my hands and pull them hard above my head. I knew that he was going to punish me, but also pleasure me just as good! He had me roll over so my ass was up in the air. He started to rub it with his hand and than *smack*!!! My ass burned! I felt the belt hit me with a hard sting but then the pleasure came rushing into the spot. He smacked me 8 more times with his thick, leather belt!

He then demanded I lay on my back again with my legs spread wide. I gladly did as I was instructed. He poured the chocolate syrup right on to my already wet pussy. He started to eat my pussy like never before. Sucking, licking, fingering, and eating all that syrup right off of me. I came with a hard squirt and warm gush of pussy juices. I rode that cum coaster all the way to the end!

Fucking him that weekend was the best thing we’ve ever done! I lay in bed most of the time completely mind blown and pleasured fully! My ass was spanked many more times during his stay. By the time he left, I was aching for some more! How will my boss fuck me next? Hmmmmm…..

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