Spank my ass harder please!

He wanted to be rough, and I was down for it! He handcuffed me and put me in a homemade stock that he’d made. My hands and head were through the hole as he brought the pieces together and locked me in there. Of course I was butt ass naked and a bit too excited for what was coming next.

I felt his hand run across my ass before the leather belt licked me hard. My right ass cheek stung hard as the warmth grew. He told me he’d spank me 12 times and that I was to count each time. As he punished my ass 11 more times. That’s when he slipped his hand between my legs to feel how wet the spankings had made me. My legs were still shaking as he felt me.

He moved around to the other side of the stocks and started to rub the head of his cock on my lips. It was as if his pre cum was chapstick. He then pushed it into my mouth and down my throat. I had no where to move from so I gagged long and hard on him. All that drool was dripping down my chin and forming a puddle on the floor. He fucked my face harder and harder until he was satisfied.

He made his way back around the stock towards my ass. He smacked my cheek before positioning himself and slamming his hard cock straight into my wet pussy. He fucked me hard and fast as he ravished my cunt. Each time he slammed inside of me it made the welts on my ass scream. As he fucked me harder and faster, I felt my impending orgasm building. I knew his was as well. It only took a few more pumps before we were exploding on each other!

He left me in the stock until later that night when he fucked me again harder and faster!