Space station sex is an experience to last a lifetime!

Can you just imagine how hot it would be? Living and working on a space station with a group of people you find very sexy and attractive. I would love to do a call and role play group sex on a space station. In my fantasy, there are 5 people working on this space station and things have started to become tense lately. Sexual tension is building because they’ve been up in space for several weeks and there is little privacy for things like masturbation…much less fucking!
One day two of the astronauts find themselves alone and things progress from light flirting to full on making out. They kiss each other deeply and begin to take their shirts off. Suddenly the other three people who are also living and working on the space station float into the room. They watch the two men kissing and embracing and began to feel stirrings of lust themselves. These three are two women and one man. The two men kissing are so wrapped up in what they are doing that they don’t even notice their fellow astronauts begin to touch and rub each other. Floating around the two women, the male astronaut squeezes and rubs their breasts, while they start to make out.

The man pulls both of theirs pants down and floating in zero gravity, begins to eat their pussies. Going back and forth between the two of them. They women began to moan into each other’s mouths.


The sound of their moans echoing throughout the space station finally got through to the two men who were still passionately kissing. They lifted their heads to see the women floating near them with the man holding on to their legs and eating their pussies. The two men make their way over to the group and join in. One of the men takes over the pussy eating while the other one drops his pants around his ankles. Both of the men begin to suck and lick on his long, hard dick while still holding on to the ladies. The three getting head all begin to touch and kiss each other’s bodies and mouths. It soon becomes a twisted tangle of limbs while everyone chooses a partner to fuck first. Space station sex never felt so good.

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