Do you have a cuckold fantasy that you’re aching to explore?

There’s no point in trying to deny your deepest urges. You have a cuckold fantasy that you’ve been wanting to explore don’t you? I can tell from the way that you’re constantly comparing yourself to other men. By other men, I, of course, mean real men. You aren’t under any delusions about your cock size or lack thereof, are you? You can’t honestly tell me that you think your dick size is normal? It’s far below what anyone could ever consider normal even a virgin! I’m sure that you’ve noticed your shortcomings when you’ve been at the gym or a public urinal.

With such a tiny dick it’s only natural that you have a cuckold fantasy you’ve been dreaming up. After all, there’s no way that you could ever possibly satisfy a woman. Tell me what exactly do you picture as you think of being a cuckold? Do you ache to sit in the corner and hump your hand as you watch? Do you want to climb between my thighs when that stud has cum deep inside of me so you can clean up that cream pie? Or do you crave an even greater humiliation?

Perhaps you need an up-close view of just how inadequate your little pecker truly is. Put your pathetic little inchworm next to his cock and see just how much bigger he is. It must suck to be you! Now get on your knees like a good fluffer and get him all warmed up for me. I’m going to push your head all the way down if you don’t suck it deep enough. If you don’t do a very thorough job of sucking that dick you won’t get to lick that creampie up afterward. Don’t forget his big, heavy cum filled balls while you’re down there.

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