So, I was driving down the highway and all of a sudden I felt my steering wheel shake. I was hoping it was not what I knew it was but I managed to get over to the side of the highway and sure enough it was. I had a flat! Climbing back into my car, I pulled out the roadside assistance number out of my glove box and requested help. After about 30 minutes, this hot guy showed up, prepared to help me with my tire. Brown hair, green eyes, about 6’1”, built, and very sexy; he had a very mysterious look to him.

Once he had changed the tire, he had me sign some paperwork for them to submit to the company for payment. I could tell that he was flirting with me and I was obviously eating it all up. How could I not? He was gorgeous. He went back to his truck to put the paperwork away and get me one of his business cards. When he handed it to me, I took it and our fingers brushed up against each other. Our eyes met and we just froze, looking at each other for a moment. Even though we were on the highway, it was in the country so the traffic was not too heavy.

Out of nowhere, he had pinned me up to my car and started kissing me, starting at my lips and working his way down to my neck. Our bodies grinding against each other and his lips kissing my body, I could feel my sweet pussy lips getting very moist. He lifted my shirt up and began kissing my tits and making his way down my stomach. He lifted my skirt up and began teasing my pussy through my panties. I could feel his warm breath as he slowly pulled my panties down, exposing my pussy lips to not only him, but everyone who drove by. Despite the risk, it was so damn hot! His tongue slowly sliding in and out of my opening, making his way up to my clit, I felt his fingers slide in between my velvety lips.  Deeper and harder I felt him slide inside of me. I do not know who enjoyed it more, me or him. I could feel his teeth start to nibble on my clit while his fingers worked their magic on me. Unwrapping my leg from around his shoulder, he spun me around and began unbuttoning his pants. With my body pressed against my car, I felt him grab my leg, lift it up, and force his meat stick deep inside of me.

His nice, thick cock felt amazing against my velvety, wet lips. With each thrust he made, I could feel his balls slap against me. He reached around, grabbed my neck, and held onto me while he continued fucking me. I think that the excitement of being on the side of the road was too much for my roadside hero. After a few minutes, I felt his cock release his warm cum all inside of my sweet, soft lips.

Shall we have our own roadside sex story? I bet you have that burning desire to do something so daring that it makes you feel like you are living on the edge. You know you want to.