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One of my favorite things has always been anal sex. The idea of just being bent over makes my pussy so wet. I love having my asshole gaped wide open by a big fat cock. I remember the first time I ever had anal sex with a BBC or big black cock. His cock had to be at least 9 and a half inches. Wanting his huge cock inside of me I was always so horny around him. He knew I needed him so we would always meet up. have a quick suck and fuck and go about our days. I started wanting way more. so the next time we decided to meet up.

I wanted him to pound my tight asshole. Needing to be gaped open by him. when we met up we quickly got down to business. He pulled up my cute little skirt exposing my tight wet little pussy. Feeling so good he started sucking on my pussy. Always loved when he ate my pussy. His big tongue and nice suckable lips felt amazing every time. Taking me completely by surprise spreading my cheeks apart licking my tight asshole. Make me jump with every lick. Putting his long tongue inside to fuck it. loving every minute I was cumming like crazy at that point. When he stuck his middle finger in my asshole I literally jumped out of my skin.

His huge fingers were stretching my asshole wide.

Making me soaking wet. he decided it was time to fuck me. Grabbing me by the hips he bent me over. ass in the air. Ready to take his big fat cock. He slowly pushed his huge cock into my hole. It hurt a lot at first but as he kept going the pain. Slowly started to disappear. Yes, he was ripping me wide open but I fucking loved it. The deeper he got the wetter I became. Yelling loudly for him to fuck me harder. He listened, I was getting pounded hard at this time. Smacking my ass, pulling my hair. This feeling was driving me wild. Moaning loudly he forcefully pulled his huge cock out. I was gaped wide open. He made me keep my ass cheeks spread apart as he cummed all inside my gaped huge hole. It was the best anal sex I’ve ever had.

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