Want To Taste My Cum Soaked Legging

My sum soaked leggings taste so good, and I know you want to try them. It’s this thing I have been doing and believe me, it makes me cum harder every single time. So tonight, on this Sunday night I really am going to try and squirt and get my grey leggings nice and soaked. I wonder how many of your perverts would love to sniff those right after.

What I have been doing is wearing leggings and using my vibrator. It sounds so simple yet it feels amazing. How is starts is I usually put on a hot porn. Something very naughty. I have been really into some step brother and step sister action for some reason. Once I play that I start by touching my perfect tits. I pinch my nipples and pull on them till they’re nice and hard. Watching a hot girl get banged while playing with my tits is really all I need to get my pussy really soaked.

Once I start feeling my pussy getting really juicy. I turn on my vibrator on low. I like to keep it like that right over my pussy. The vibration right on my pussy lips just teases my little clit. It feels amazing. Once I am ready to cum though. That is when I reach into my leggings and spread my pussy lips. Over my leggings I press my vibrator. This time putting it really high. I can feel my juices dripping down my ass and getting my leggings completely wet.

When I am ready to cum, sometimes even squirt, I start playing with my nipples again. It feels so fucking good I end up cumming almost immediately. I like to sleep in those soaked leggings. I love to feel them nice and wet.

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