Do you have a sneeze fetish? I need a Kleenex . . .

If you have a secret sneeze fetish, I just might be your dream girl. I always tend to have a runny nose thanks to my allergies. My snotty tendencies could also cum from staying up late having phone sex all the time, though. Then again, maybe a deviated septum is behind my never-ending nasal drip.

All kinds of things make me sneeze. My dog’s hairs seem to always find their way into my sensitive nose. I’ve even sneezed while having an orgasm a few times. Once it made me squirt even harder while I was cumming. It makes sense, I guess, since sneezing and orgasming use a lot of the same muscles. I’d love for you to watch me sneeze-orgasm-squirt!

The involuntary, whole body contractions that happen during my sneezing fits are fucking sexy. You can’t help but be aroused by watching the buildup, the release, sensing my relief. And my achoo-s likely excite you because I can’t control my sneezes at all. Even if I stifle it, there’s nothing I can do to really stop it.

What kind of sneeze makes your sneeze fetish fantasy tick? Maybe your sinus-centric masturbation fodder is fueled by stifled sneezes. Or do you prefer the long, healthy, uninterrupted ones? Something in between? I can’t wait for you to confess everything during our adult chat.

You’ll hear my sniffling right away during our sneeze fetish phone sex call. I don’t think your sneezing fetish is weird at all, by the way. It turns me on, too! Usually, ladies like me are supposed to sneeze daintily, try to hide their natural body function, and say “excuse me!”

I have a whole collection of embroidered handkerchiefs for blowing my snotty, dripping nose. Would you like to see one before I get it all dirty . . . or after??

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke