She has no idea my smoky lips did all the work.

Smoky lips were his number one turn-on.. he just didn’t know it yet. I remember all the times I’d flirt with him in on break. I didn’t like hanging around inside so sometimes I’d take a cigarette and take a little breather outside the building, taking in the fresh air.. And he’d join me, looking for any excuse to get out the office. Nobody really batted an eye, considering smokers tend to go take breaks together all the time. His girlfriend worked in the same building with us and she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary either. She never had a reason to think I’d steal him out from under her, but she was very wrong. He was tall and handsome, and I was ‘just a friend’ for the longest time, but girls don’t need to work very hard to get out of that zone. A little flirty smile is all that’s needed sometimes. And I stole him away from her day by day, smoky lips doing all the work for me.

He was obsessed with it, and I don’t think he realized he was staring for minutes at a time as we spoke. Watching the soft smoke pour out through my lips. I’d pull little tricks with it too, trying to make shapes, failing sometimes and nailing others. It was fun knowing I had all of his attention on me and he couldn’t look away. Smoke breaks turned into hanging out at bars after work, and that turned into kissing and touching, and you should have seen the way his eyes lit up when I took a second to kiss him as the smoke was pouring out. I swore I saw his head come spinning off.. But his real favorite was when I finally got him alone in my apartment for the first time. Smoky lips, smoky blowjobs.. smoke pouring all night, over his cock and over his lips.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali