Smoking Fetish Euphoria

A smoking fetish is one thing, but a sexy bitch smoking some weed is a whole different story!  Not only do you get to see her mouth and lungs fill up with that rich smoke, but you also get to sit back, relax, and slip away into a state of complete euphoria.  There is just something so erotic about the feeling of the high taking over your body.  Feeling yourself letting go and giving in.

Just as the high hits, you feel her hand lightly stroking your cock.  Her eyes looking up at you with that glassy-eyed sexiness that makes you throb!  Her mind is focused on one thing and one thing only… Making you CUM!  She drives her mouth down, swallowing every inch of your hard cock as your eyes roll back in your head.  He soft, warm tongue enveloping your shaft as the electricity takes over your body.  Your knees get weak and you’re so happy to already be sitting down.  Her throat gets tighter as she gags on all your meat and that precum starts to flow.

The taste of that creamy juice brings her up from her knees.

She isn’t ready for you to cum just yet.  Her pussy is dripping and her body is aching for you fill her up.  Your body feels warm as she lowers her puffy pussy lips to meet your swollen mushroom head.  She teases you, slowly gyrating her hips, rubbing the head of your cock against her clit.  Your hands begin to wander from her thick thighs to her sexy ass just as she pops your cock inside her tight, wet hole.

Her juices flow down your shaft.  Every inch of your hard cock stretches its way inside as she lets out the sexiest moans.  Her big tits begin bouncing in your face and she takes your throbbing cock for a ride.  You feel her ass slapping your thighs and that jiggle sends you over the edge.  You feel the walls of her pussy tighten up as her moans grow louder and stronger.  Now you both cum so hard, she collapses with you still inside of her.

It’s like you were in another place, a world with just the two of you.

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