Smoking Fetish Burns Hot Inside Her Sex!

Years ago I learned really quick how hot a smoking fetish could be. This kinky guy I used to fuck, he was sorta a boyfriend, loved to have me smoke as I rode his cock. Something about seeing me blow smoke that drove him crazy, especially in a dimly lit room. He even liked it if I’d blow it right in his face. He would dam near nut up when I would purse my lips tight and stick just the tip of my tongue outside of my lips, and just let the smoke pour out and then blow it to him. Blow jobs were always fun for him, since he loved to see me blow smoke rings around his erect cock. I always warned him if he didn’t behave I could always lay the cherry of my cigarette on the tip of his cock and he sure did act scared, but I could almost see the challenge in his eyes. Normally, he was a good boy, well most of the time.

I’ve found guys into a smoking fetish usually have had mom’s that smoked. It imprinted on them at a young age, that smoking was sexy and a very grown up thing to do. I am sure they would be obsessed with watching mommy’s lips and throat work together to get their nicotine fix. Often this got mixed u in their minds during their sexual developing years, and they thought a smoking woman was very sexy.  And we all know, most boys love to find someone to bring home to mamma. I love watching smoking fetish porn. So many hot ass women being eaten out as they smoked, and boy when I smoke, I can almost feel that happening to me as well.

Sometimes when I have a cigarette I get a guy that likes to watch me sensually drag in a mouthful of smoke and then slowly exhale it, I can do that for him. I too like to lay back and feel a warm, wet tongue caressing my pussy and clit as I languidly inhale a puff of smoke and then blow it out. You know how years ago they would say you’d smoke after sex? Well for some of us, smoking during sex can be even hotter and very erotic. Closing my eyes and wetting my lips, waiting for the moment when I come hard, it’s no wonder I don’t choke during these smoking fetish times! When was the last time you lit up during sex?

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