Happy 4/20!

Mmmmm one of my favorite days of the year! I love to get naked and lie on my bed with a huge joint. As soon as I feel the warm rush of the THC I start to feel naughty, and it makes me so horny I have to fuck.

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I love fucking with guys with smoking fetishes. Giving a blowjob while smoking a blunt turns me on so much. I’d like to start with you by just smoking sitting on your lap naked, taking long, deep puffs on my perfectly rolled weed cigarillo, exhaling it hard into your face and mouth.

I like to feel your cock grow against my ass as I maneuver myself around to put the lit end into my mouth, make you open yours so I can share a blow back with you, pressing my tits into your chest.

When I’ve got you nice and high, I’m slowly going to slide my body against yours until I’m in between  down your legs, and I can see that hard cock pressing against the fabric of your pants. Holding my joint in my teeth I’m going to gently free that dick and let it spring out for me, I can’t help but giggle with excitement at seeing the size. I’m not going to touch it though, just sit back and take another long inhale from my doobie, and slowly blow that thick hazy cloud all over your meatstick, from balls to tip.

I meet your eyes and trace my tongue from your balls all the way to your head, and even lick the precum dripping out the tip. I take one huge toke, and then take you fully into my mouth and deep throat you to the base, letting smoke billow out around you

You have been waiting so long, and I place the last of the roach on your mouth, and as you smoke, I stroke and suck as fast as I can. You barely have time to exhale and put the dying joint down before your hips buck and you erupt your warm jizz down my throat.

Damn I just smoked a huge joint and got myself off typing that…Happy 4/20!

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