Small Dick Humiliation makes my pussy soaking wet but totally not for the reasons you think.

Small Dick Humiliation is one of a kind kink. I do think it is hilarious that a man can have a little Vienna sausage and think it is so actually capable of going anywhere in me, fuck even near me! It makes me laugh my ass off. I have a little play toy and his dickie is legit microscopic. It makes me so wet seeing how badly he wants me and wants to touch it. It is so cute because in order to stroke it he literally has to use his thumb and pointer finger. His little pinkie is way too small to have any more fingers or hands on it! If it was lucky enough to go in my mouth it would be like I was sucking on a tic-tac. His dingily dangly itty bitty peepee is pathetic at best. No girl will ever want that.

I try from time to time to encourage him letting him know that maybe a lesbian would want him because at least he would be able to dry hump her.

But if I am so being honest, even lesbians put strap-on’s on because they even need dick sometimes. I can not stop laughing, he so could not even satisfy a lez. Me laughing my ass off at him makes him so desperate to touch his insignificant little wee wee. When I finally give him the go ahead so that I can give him Small Dick Humiliation while he touches it, he goes crazy. It is like he is playing a mini violin with how fast he tries to play with it. Oh and do not even get me started on his little cum load that likes to bust out of his dickie. Talk about a dribble of juice. You know when you drink everything in a cup but there is that little bit left that is like a droplet that is almost pointless to drink it cause its like empty.

It is so pointless you just throw it away and do not even bother trying to hold the cup up and wait for it to drain into your mouth.

Well that is how insignificant and small his baby juice is. He is worthless and that is why I give him the best Small Dick Humiliation his little heart could ever desire. I even sometimes show my friends so that they can laugh as hard as I do. Which in turn so makes him get off really good. Good thing he does not have to work hard to clean up his mess. What a worthless mother fucker. hahaa.


Small Dick Humiliation is a good ass time! If I won’t touch him, I guess there is nothing wrong with letting him touch me. I mean at least sniff me like the ass sniffing sex I have had in the past.

If you want someone to laugh their ass off at you and have some naughty humiliation phone sex then call me. I literally so can not wait.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke