Do you know what the most disappointing thing in the world is? Small dicks. You go out with a guy and ending up at his place ready to fuck, only to find out he’s got nothing to brag about in the dick department. I went out with Chris last weekend and we saw a movie. Afterwards we took a taxi back to his place and all the way there he kept his hand firmly up my skirt. He had talented fingers and I couldn’t wait to fuck him.

We went to his bedroom and quickly got undressed. I went up to him and grabbed his arm. I led him to the bed and pushed him down. I got in beside him and we started kissing. I put my leg over his and rubbed my pussy against him. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his dick. Well… I tried to. I pulled away from him and looked down. Instead of a nice, rock hard dick bobbing in the air there was a thumb sized stub sticking up. He wasn’t a grower or a shower. What the hell was I supposed to do with that? He pulled me down and tried to start kissing me again but I stopped him. He asked what I was doing and I got up on my elbow. I gave his stub a flick and told him this wasn’t worth my time. He acted all offended and bragged that he could make me cum better than any other guy. I laughed and told him I doubt that since he could wear a thimble as a condom, he was pretty much useless in the sex department but I wasn’t going to leave without having an orgasm. He looked me at, probably wondering what I meant.

I got up and grabbed the sheet. I covered the lower half of his body with it and told him it would be best if we covered up his shame. I told him I’d spent a lot of time getting ready for this date so he’d better make it good. I moved up and straddled his face. I told him he’d better do a good job to make up for his lack of a real dick and lowered myself down. I could feel his breath on me as he put his hands on the top of my thighs. My legs instinctively tensed when I felt his tongue brush against my pussy lips. I relaxed and pressed down. He pushed his tongue inside and ran it along my walls. It felt good and I began to move against him. I love having my breasts played with during sex, they’re so sensitive that it makes me feel everything more stronger. I cupped one of my breasts in my hand and rolled my nipple between my fingers. I gave it a hard little pinch and I felt my pussy gush. I grinded my hips down, pushing my pussy harder on to him. He licked me harder and I gasped as he rubbed against my clit. I told him to focus on that area and he knew what I wanted. He licked and sucked on my clit as I rode his face. I felt my pussy tighten and I came.

I moved off of him and saw that his face was covered in my pussy juices. He smirked at me and said that he was right;he could make me cum better than any other guy. I told him he was still going to have to jerk himself off tonight.

I hope you have a REAL dick for me, if not you better be ready to lick too!

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