Slutty Intern Adriana Wants Her Boss’s Hard Cock

Landing my first internship was a huge accomplishment. Of course, you all know I was the slutty intern at the office. I loved making all the employees super nervous with my very inappropriate¬†attire. But then I met one that I just couldn’t stop thinking about. He was obviously much older than me and when I was assigned to for under him, I took it very, very literal.

It was late one afternoon and mostly everyone was gone. I stayed behind trying to find some alone time with him. When it finally happened I wasn’t shy at all and took my chance. As he was busy on the computer I came and sat right across him. By then we were completely alone so I decided to take off my skirt and panties without him noticing. I slightly rubbed my pussy as he typed away and talked to me about the business. When I stood up and he looked at my mare pussy that’s when I finally caught his attention.

I came across the desk and straddle his lap. His reaction was to ask me what I was doing but I didn’t say anything. I smiled and never stopped with my plan. My juices were soon dripping onto his suit as we made out. No one had ever made me so wet just by kissing me. He picked me up and put me on the desk. He went down to his knees and started eating my tight young pussy. He loved it. He said my pussy was the sweetest he’s ever tasted.

As he was trying to unbutton his pants I stopped him. I wanted him to fuck me with his suit on. I want it to get all my juices on that expensive suit and I did. I ended up cumming so hard and so much of his load spilled out of me when he filled me up that he said not even the dry cleaners could save his suit.

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