These days my boyfriend has gotten so lazy he just doesn’t fulfill all my filthy needs!  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend and his money but he doesn’t give me those mind blowing orgasms like before!  We use to fuck like rabbits all over the apartment, movie theaters, skinny dip in the public pool late at night; shit he would love it when I sucked him off in the car.  But now ugh…our sex life is just shit!

I have a little confession to make.

I’m a cheating slut!

Now that he doesn’t fuck my pussy right, I cheat on that stupid boyfriend every single chance I get.  It doesn’t matter who it is, or where I am; I am such a deprived slut when I want to get my little pussy off I will go out and get a giant cock that will fuck me for hours and hours!  Our neighborhood UPS driver, our perverted neighbor, a giant black cock at the gym, even my dirty daddy and my uncle.  Everyone is fucking my tight lil pussy except for my pathetic boyfriend if only he knew I was fucking his daddy too!  LOL

My favorite cock has to be his daddy’s.  He’s nicer to me than he is his own son because he gets to fuck me whenever he want.  My father-in-law has this fattest cock, and the best mushroom head that I have ever seen; I love licking it around the rim!  He makes me cum so hard and makes me squirt; he loves knowing his son could never make me squirt.  What’s so sad is that my boyfriend has no idea that his daddy moved in with us just so he could fuck my pussy on a daily basis!  He comes home from working all day and drinks a beer with dad; and has no idea that his dad filled me full of cum in that very spot.

He has no idea that his girlfriend is a cheating slut!