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All my friends used to have a cock stroking circle every week. They would sneak off into the woods and meet up with the slutty blonde girls. There were many teasing sessions, hot orgies, and bisexual fun of all kinds.

All the fun with the hot young chicks would eventually come around again.

A bunch of us stayed in touch together and would often talk of our earlier fun together in the woods. We wanted to bring back so many of those feelings that made us even hotter today.

So, one day a few of the girls went to lunch and remembered the old days of all the fun. We started to giggle about all the hot gang bangs. We loved the big black cocks as much as they loved the slutty blonde girls.

While we were enjoying lunch, we saw three of the guys we used to have so much fun with. They sat down with us and while we ate, they flirted with us.  One guy slid to the right of me and started touching my thighs. His very touch sent shivers down my spine and up my thighs.

So, it was decided that we would meet that very night.

I was so excited the hot black guys would again meet up with the slutty blonde girls. We all met up at the hotel and had the best time ever. One guy started kissing me passionately, I could feel my clothes slide from my very body.

The other girls started to undress their chocolate guys. Their cocks are still so big, as we remembered. I love going down on chocolate dick so much and taking it deep into my mouth.

The slutty blonde girls could go on all night.

There’s another reason why slutty blonde girls are so hot. They can go all night. Over to the right of me, I saw two girls sucking on one guy’s big chocolate dick.  One girl sucked his balls and the other took her tongue and licked his brown shaft up and down.

I took the opportunity to take my guy on the bed. He was so kinky and loved touching me. His hands roamed all over my sexy body and his mouth was very willing to explore everywhere and I mean everywhere.

As he started licking my pussy, one of my playful girlfriends sat on my face.  Now, I love the taste of pussy! But this pussy had a whole bunch of cream pie leaking from its luscious holes. But I liked it anyway.

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Another reason why slutty blonde girls are so hot. We love trying things like a daisy chain. Every girl was getting fucked by a nice big black cock. And every guy was getting fucked by a nice strap-on.

I loved feeling the weight of everyone’s bodies pressed so tightly together.  The scent of sex filled the air as we satisfied our hungry desires. Cum dripped from every hole and still, we were nowhere near done for the night.


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