Slumber Party Fun is something I’ve always enjoyed and looked forward to.

My first experience with slumber party fun was as a young girl and it was innocent as you’d expect. Board games, snacks, lots of giggling and of course whispered secrets late into the night.

I continued to have occasional slumber party fun throughout middle and high school. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that the sleep over dynamic changed. Things became very sexually charged and there was always a lot of sexual tension in the air. You could feel it building up each time we all got together. Our hormones were raging.

One night I remember everything feeling different; a little more exciting and fun. We were all camped out in my friend’s backyard in a big tent that could sleep, several people. It was getting very late and we were playing drunken truth or dare. I got dared to make out with every girl in the tent. There were five girls beside me! I didn’t wanna back down and truthfully the idea of making out with my friends had me deeply aroused. Instantly my panties were soaking wet and my pulse was racing. One by one, I slid my tongue between their lips, kissing them deeply and passionately. What I lacked in skill, I more than made up for in enthusiasm.

After I had made good on my dare the game continued on for a few more rounds of harmless dares and reluctant truths. But, the vibe had changed and we all knew it. I could see my friends all pressing their thighs together and shifting restlessly on their sleeping bags. I could tell we were all very horny. So I decided to make a move.

It was finally my turn to ask my friend truth or dare. She chose dare, much to my delight. I dared her to go down on me and eat me out. I wanted her to make me cum. She accepted my dare!

I laid back on my sleeping back and slid my pajama pants and panties down and off my legs. Kneeling between my thighs, she nervously leaned forward and licked my pussy lips. I could feel all of my friends gathering around us to watch. Some with their hands between their legs, already fingering themselves.

As my friend got more comfortable and really began to eat me out in earnest I noticed two of the other girls begin to kiss and fool around. It wasn’t long before the rest joined in. Everyone taking turns going down on each other. Learning how to make each other cum. I will never think of a slumber party the same way again after that awesome night. We had many more before high school was over, that’s for sure!

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