Slippery Saturday Cuckold Fun

When I woke up this morning and stretched, I glanced over at my alarm clock I couldn’t wait to get up and take a nice long hot bubble bath. Saturday is the day I get to spend hours with my hot boy toy. You came in perfectly on cue with my breakfast and the clothes I requested perfectly pressed on the hanger. He knows just how lucky he is that I even allow him in my presence. My expectations are high with him and I expect full loyalty and commitment.  I deserve to get worshiped and give him nothing in return. That’s how it is supposed to work right? My cuckold knows that he can never satisfy me. There is one BIG thing that can.  And when I tell him to get ready, my big cocked boyfriend is coming over for some phone sex fun he gets so excited.


He has a special chair that gets to sit close to the love bed where all the magic happens.

He loves to watch me get dressed because he knows I love to look super sexy so I can get a nice good pounding by that big cock that fills me up.  I used to only allow him to watch, but lately, I’ve given him an extra job to do.  He is my dirty little cum eater and he can’t stop cleaning until my asshole and pussy are both sparkling clean.  I’m going to start a new game with you called the cuckold survival game.  And if you pass my test then I will keep you around. But you better step it up because there are plenty of other cuckolds that are at a lower level that would love to move up and be able to watch all my sexual acts.

As he walks into the bedroom, I can hear your breathing starting to get heavier. You know what is about to happen and you can’t wait to watch, can you?  As he turns me toward you and stands behind me and starts to slip off my lingerie, he looks at you at smile.  His fingers slowly go around the lace top of my panties and your hand goes down on your cock to rub yourself.  Do you want more?  Of course you do?  Do you dare to hear all the kinky details? Well, then you know what to do.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke