A Size Fetish is something I didn’t know I had until recently.

Is having a Size Fetish weird? I don’t think so! After all, there are so many different sexual fetishes a girl can have.

Tom has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. As soon as I saw it I couldn’t wait to jump on it. I found him online and when I saw his sex pictures I thought he was just good at taking them from certain angles and was lying his ass off about pushing 10 inches. Finally, I got him to Skype with me and he really was big. I don’t know if he was 10 inches but he was definitely close to it and his dick was thick too. It’s probably one of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen and would definitely satisfy my Size Fetish.

Yeah I really wanted it but I was so scared to let him fuck me, that’s the kind of dick that would really rip me in half.

I had no idea how I was going to get it in me and I spent days before our hook up trying to see if I could take something that big.

Since I have a few giant dildos every night I’d play with them, stretching and working my pussy. I was feeling pretty good by the time it was our date night and we went out for drinks to loosen up. Being so nervous I kept sneaking looks at his crotch because I knew what was waiting for me. We ended up back at his place and my heart was pounding as we got naked.

 I looked at his dick as soon as his pants were off and there it was, hanging down between his legs. He wasn’t hard yet but he was still pretty big and I got excited as we started making out. We went slow, I wanted to be as wet and horny as possible. While we kissed and I held his dick in my hand, jerking him off as best I could but it was tough.

 He began to get hard and he grew in my fist until I had 10 inches of dick in it. Tom was throbbing and I rolled onto my back as he got on top of me. He pushed his tip into me and I lifted my hips up, helping him ease into me.

 He took his time and it felt good to have my pussy filled so much but after only half was in I had to stop because it was hurting.

I had him lie down and I straddled him because I wanted to control how much dick went in and how fast we went. Holding his dick I lowered myself on it. I managed to get a bit more in but not all of it, he was just too big.

 Starting to fuck him he held me as I tried to go lower. My pussy was stretching around him and I moaned every time I moved on it. Yeah my pussy ached but it also felt good and I gushed as I kept going. I held onto the headboard and cried out as I rode him, the pain and pleasure were too much. My tits bounced and my clit was throbbing as his dick rubbed my pussy walls. I was so horny but I knew I wasn’t going to cum like this so I started clenching my pussy on him and rolling my hips, massaging his dick. Damn, I really do have a Size Fetish!

When he came it was a big load. It dripped all down my inner thighs as I climbed off him. I was still crazy horny so I laid down and waited for him to catch his breath while I played with my cum filled pussy. When he was ready I told him to help me cum and he licked his lips then put his Mouth to work. Call the hottest phone sex line on the internet to have your fantasies fulfilled.